Universal and multifunctional stand for hand disinfection

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Why universal

  • we have developed a stable and safe stand/easel/rack on which any dispenser can be installed, with easy access for changing cartridges
  • the possibility to install any dispenser is a significant advantage for users of our stands:
    • they can also use the same hygiene products as before (soap, cream, etc.) that they already use and have tried therefore
    • there is no need to change or deal with another new supplier
    • there is no dependence on the given product - a new supplier who can very easily abuse the dependence on their types of fillings
  • the stand can be placed as a free-standing one, thus maximally meeting the requirements of the given environment
  • the stainless steel design of the stands allows their use in hygienic operations
  • there is no mechanical part on the stand that can be damaged later (no dependence on service and spare parts)
  • the stands are standardly painted with white universal powder paint in the shade RAL 9016, which allows any color design of stickers
  • the customer can arrange the stickers himself according to his company-graphic standards, also at his existing supplier

In this way, existing stands can be removed and, paradoxically, more space can be gained

Why multifunctional

  • the multifunction of the stand lies in the fact that we have strengthened the entire structure (acknowledged screws on the sides of the stand, reinforced top cover, etc.)
  • with minimal impact on the price, but a big profit to add other options to the stand, such as:
    • in production, place a container for other disposable protective aids (hearing protectors, masks, ESD tapes, etc.)
    • in shops and services, the stand can be fitted with holders for disposable gloves, veils, paper towels, etc.
    • a holder for advertising events or other messages can be placed on the upper surface
    • in canteens and restaurants, the top area can be used to place signs for the current menu, menu and other information
    • banks, schools, local authorities and other services for citizens will certainly use the upper areas for the installation of advertising and information signs
    • reception, financial services and consulting, travel agencies can use the stands/easels/racks as holders for information leaflets
    • and lots of other options

In this way, existing stands can be removed and, paradoxically, more space can be gained

Process of developing stand

During the process of development, we discussed with potential customers the requirements for disinfection stands, and it turned out that one of the biggest problems is to determine another place to place new equipment in already cramped spaces (reception, service entrances, entrances to shops and services, racing and public canteens, schools, offices, and many other places where disinfectants are and will need to be placed).

We also noticed the desire for the possibility of installing chip equipment for employees, automatic humidifiers, spray disinfection into the room, space for WiFi antennas or other in-house networks, and other electronic devices. Another requirement was for a visual and audible warning of the presence of a disinfection stand at this location, which we solved in the LED stand. It was just a step to create, so far the latest version of LCD, where it is possible to create any presentation, information, advertisement or instructions for proper hand disinfection.

The design of our disinfection stand allows you to increase the capacity by placing the dispensers on two - or all four sides, while maintaining the same design on all sides.

We are a direct manufacturer of a disinfection stand

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Custom made

Of course, we can produce and supply complete custom stands, including the design of the stands in the company's multi-colored design, including graphics and stickers. It is a matter of course to meet the requirements for multifunctional equipment.

Price list and variants of the disinfection stand

prices are without VAT and shipping

the stands will be delivered on a backed-up EUR pallet

Wall bracket for disinfection LITE Price
stand height: 500 mm
floor plan: 300 mm, depth: 135 mm
including mounting kit for screwing to the wall
Basic price (without sticker and dispenser) RAL 9016 39,- EUR
Price including sticker according to the picture without dispenser RAL 9016 49,- EUR
Basic price (without sticker and dispenser) stainless steel 47,- EUR
Price including sticker according to the picture without dispenser stainless steel 57,- EUR
Hand disinfection stand LITE Price
stand height: 1 500 mm
floor plan: 400 mm, depth: 550 mm
hole diameter for screw 4xM5
fitted with non-slip rubber feet
Basic price (without sticker and dispenser) RAL 9016 99,- EUR
Price including sticker according to the picture without dispenser RAL 9016 119,- EUR
Basic price (without sticker and dispenser) stainless steel 139,- EUR
Price including sticker according to the picture without dispenser stainless steel 159,- EUR


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